Building Project

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Development of St George’s has been broken into 3 phases of building works, to grow in size as the number of pupils and staff expand. The school has been built to a high architectural standard, using designs by New York based architect Alison Mears (who offered her services pro-bono) whilst the build is overseen by site architect Lucy Brooke who visits the school three times a year to ensure the smooth running of the project. The school has been built to last, as opposed to most Ethiopian school buildings which, on average, last seven years before they need to be re-built or replaced. The aim is for the school to become the hub of the local area, a multi-use space for which the children and the community can be immensely proud of.  






Phases 1,2 and 3a, the largest part of the project, were completed between 2013-2018 providing 12 classrooms, dining room, kitchen, laundry office and administration buildings, WCs, workshop and a library with over 400 children now enjoying the benefits of the facilities and education provided.


Phase 3b is currently in development, with fundraising and buildings underway to build an office, 2 more classrooms taking the school up to Grade 7, and a multipurpose school hall which can be used for sports, dining room and opened for community events.



Phase 3c is to build office and administration building, educational support, pastoral care and WCs.

Building Costs

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Will build a multipurpose school hall, with sports hall, dining room, kitchen and laundry facilities which will also serve as a local community centre



Will install solar panels for a sustainable future



Will help build 6 class rooms for Grades 6,7 & 8


Will create a library and media room for IT classes to drive online learning

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Will help build administration and security facilities for the safe and smooth running of the school

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For pastoral care to meet the personal, social, and academic needs of students and staff