Our financial reports for the last four years are shown below. If you would like more information, please just get in touch.


Financial Reports



Our Charity

We do all we can to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of St George’s School in Ethiopia:

NAEF operates a constitution or Charitable Incorporated Organisation 


We comply with charity regulations both in the UK and Ethiopia


NAEF is registered with UK Charity Commission Charity number 1153346


Our Ethiopia branch is listed as a foreign NGO in Ethiopia under the name St George’s School


We ensure 100% of money raised goes directly to the project in Ethiopia.

Direction and funding of St George’s remains under NAEF UK


St George’s has its own bank account managed by local staff


NAEF provides monthly grants to St George’s to fund day-to-day operational costs


Ringfenced funds for the running of the school and education of the children is covered by child sponsorship, Northwood Schools children and Parents Association 


Ringfenced funds for projects and programmes i.e. building and facilities are raised by donors, trusts and fundraising events


Building work is carried out by local contractors


UK architect regularly visits to oversee and liaise with Ethiopian project manager, ensuring work is completed to highest standard in line with the original plan and budget


All administration and governance fees are covered by an individual donor

To continue our success we believe we need to ensure the following;

Minimise drop-out rate


Deliver quality education to help the children increase their future income-generation possibilities and bring prosperity to themselves, their family and their community


Ensure 80% of St George’s children pass their exams in key curriculum subjects


Provide 2 nutritious meals per day to aid concentration, growth and development


Be proactive in healthcare and hygiene, teaching children the importance of these in classes


Offer community members learning opportunities, support and micro-financing projects


We have changed the traditional education model in Ethiopia by creating a school that is the centre of the whole community offering full time education, 360-degree healthcare and community support.

Since St George’s has been in operation (first children arrived in 2014) we have tracked attendance, dropout out rate, quality of education and exam performance and have outperformed in each parameter against the local benchmark.