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The London Marathon

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Mr Flaherty, sports teacher at Garrad's Road ran his second London Marathon and chose to raise money for St George's, here are his thoughts on the day:

"The marathon was hard work, the heat was absolutely draining but I completed it and was able to tell all the children and staff at Garrad's Road about it on Monday morning as I slowly walked into school. Luckily I am back to normal now and can walk properly. It was a great day, the atmosphere was fantastic and that is what drags you through the pain. Also, the thought of who I was running for was always in my mind and helped to keep me motivated throughout. I am very proud of my achievement, but most of all I am very proud of who I ran for and I feel that I could not have run for a better charity. However, that is my LAST marathon!" 

Mr Flaherty raised over £1,800 for St George's, thank you.

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