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Just £1 per day could completely change the life of a child in Ethiopia. 

We rely on donors to help us transform the lives of children at St George's by sponsoring their education.

By sponsoring a child, you form a unique bond and have a direct impact on their life. For just £30 a month, you will not only ensure they receive the essentials that every child deserves, you will be changing their future for the better.

Your sponsorship provides the following for a child for an entire year:

Two sets of uniform

Pair of shoes

Exercise books


Two meals a day

Regular health checks

As a sponsor, you will receive an end of year report about your child's progress, and you and your family are encouraged to enter into correspondence with them.

Please help us to make a real difference and use the power of education to transform the lives of some of the world's poorest children.

Who Can I Sponsor?

Surafel Aderajew
My family and I were displaced from nearby town due to tribal conflict.

Our property and our harvest was burnt and we had to move quickly. My father moved to Gondar to escape from the trouble and is now working labourer. trying to earn money to provide for me. My parents can`t afford to send me to school and the opportunity to attend St. George's is my only hope for the future.
Asnakew Shiferaw
I live with my mother and 2 sisters. My father left us when I was a baby and we now do not know where he is.

My mother earns money as a house maid and we live in a small rented room. The people my mother work for often give her left over food to feed our family but we also often go without.

We do not receive any support from my father or local charity and attending St. George's is a lifetime to me for a better future.
Bezawit Tadesse
My parents left me in the care of an old Nun living with 8 other family members when I was a baby. They moved to a border town between Ethiopia and Sudan, in the hope of earning money.

But life is not easy there and little money returns to help my Guardian and support me. The only income for my Guardian is from pension which is £15 monthly.

We live in a very small unfurnished house, without sanitation. Attending St. George's is a lifetime to me for a better future.
Desalegn Azazu
Both my parents are daily labourers. We live in a rented house without little food or basic needs.

There is no electric power, water and toilet in our home. We sleep on the ground and eat our meals sitting on the floor.

My family has been identified by the local government as living significantly below the poverty line of Ethiopia and we are in desperate need of help and support.
Tensae Awoke
My father was a poor farmer, but he lost his land when it was taken from him to give others an area to construct houses by the government.

Now both my parents work as daily labourers in intensive construction sites. They are paid very little and this is not enough to provide for us and send me to school.
We live in a rented room in the local community and have very few possessions or access to food and sanitation. Attending St. George's ifs a lifetime to me for a better future.
Yordanos Kasaw
I live with my Mother and Father and four brothers and sisters. My father is a daily labourer. He earns £10-£15 per month and this is not enough to provide for all of us.

My mother is chronically ill and unable to work.

We live in a small rented room with no electricity, water or sanitation.

My family desperately needs help and support send me to school for education, food and healthcare.
Dagim Abebe
Dagim lives with his mother who divorced his father in 2015.

His mother is working on construction sites and is not able to take Dagim to the working area. She is unable to earn enough money to provide for Dagim and at 5 years old, with your sponsorship he can now attend school instead of staying on a dangerous construction sites without care.
Daniel Abebe
Daniel’s parents were divorced soon after he was born. His father has remarried and is no longer interested in Daniel's welfare.

Daniel`s mother makes a living by selling traditional drink to locals. However, she does not earn enough to feed and dress Daniel and his two brothers.

They are leading harsh life and from 2015 have lived in a house poorly furnished with little sanitation.
Kalkidan Baye
Kakidan has stunted growth and has been significantly affected by a malnutrition.

Both Kakidan's parents work as daily labourers, but do not earn enough to provide basic needs. They live in a small rented room with no bed, chairs, electricity or water. Her parents are unable to send Kakidan to school and a place at St. Georges will be her only opportunity for an education and regular nutrition and healthcare.
Yaekob Alkadir
Yaekob's parents are divorced and his mother moved to Gondar to escape from this difficult separation.

Due to the current violence around Gondar town, Yaekob’s and his mother and siblings are migrants from the nearby town.

Their property was burnt and they have been left with nothing. People in the local community help them to survive but they current are without a home or basic food and living needs.
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Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can support us:

£10 will buy a chair

£360 will sponsor a child for a year

£2,000 will pay for one teacher's salary for a year

£25 will buy a desk

£450 will buy an Electronic Class Note Book loaded with learning apps

£10,000 enables transport for children to and from school

£200 will buy sports equipment for a year group

£600 will buy 200 new library books


£25,000 will build a whole classroom

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